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Photo Hide in Kenya. As a professional photographer and an avid safari traveller, the quest for the perfect shot is never-ending. Africa’s vast savannahs and rugged landscapes teem with wildlife, offering countless opportunities to freeze moments in time. Amidst luxury lodges in Kenya, Soroi Lions Bluff Lodge in Lumo Conservancy stands out with its exceptional Photographic Hide. Our Photographic Hide at Soroi Lions Bluff Lodge provides unparalleled access to a captivating world of wildlife photography.

Built for photographers

Both Photographic Hides; Soroi Lions Bluff Lodge and Larsens Camp offer an optimal photographic experience through meticulous design. Elevated slightly above ground level, the Hide provides a unique vantage point, putting photographers at eye level with their subjects. This perspective creates intimate and powerful images that immerse the viewer in the animals’ world.

Built from local materials and camouflaged with native vegetation, the Hide blends seamlessly into the environment, minimizing disturbance to wildlife. The viewing slots allow a 180-degree panoramic view of the watering hole and the surrounding landscape. In addition, the Hide is equipped with comfortable seating and ample space for tripods and other equipment, ensuring photographers can focus on capturing the perfect shot.

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As the sun rises over the vast valley, the golden light casts a warm glow on the landscape, creating an idyllic setting for wildlife photography. Elephants saunter to the watering hole, their robust frames in contrast against the backdrop of rolling hills and acacia trees. The Hide becomes a revolving door of wildlife activity with each passing hour. Antelopes cautiously approach the water, gazes darting back and forth, while lions laze under the shade of nearby trees, awaiting their next meal.

The photographic Hide allows photographers to hone their skills in a controlled environment. The predictable comings and goings of the wildlife allow for experimentation with various camera settings and techniques, enabling photographers to build a diverse and captivating portfolio of images that showcase the beauty and complexity of Africa’s wildlife.

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Photographic Hide - Soroi Collection - Soroi Collection

The Photo Hide at Soroi Lions Bluff Lodge in Lumo Conservancy and Larsens Camp in Samburu offers an unparalleled opportunity for professional photographers and safari enthusiasts. With its ingenious design, intimate wildlife encounters, and emphasis on conservation, it stands as a shining example in the realm of wildlife photography.

As you traverse the African savannah, add Soroi Lions Bluff Lodge to your list of destinations. There, you’ll find the chance to create powerful images that capture the beauty of the wild and ignite a passion for preserving it for generations to come.

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Immerse Yourself in the Wildlife of Africa

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